segunda-feira, 24 de novembro de 2008


North American singer leaves Brazil without making to scheduled shows.
Kelis was scheduled presentations in Rio and Sao Paulo. 
According to the Brazilian promoters
, singer received  her money. 

The North American singer Kelis came to Brazil in the last week, but in spite of concerts marked in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, did not appear in any of the occasions combined. Producers of the show the singer in Rio de Janeiro say they paid the singer's cache ($ 20,000), but she did not appear to do the show, scheduled for last Saturday (22). 
In the queue for boarding Tom Jobim International Airport, a woman identified as manager of the singer tried to prevent the tv crew of "Bom Dia Rio" to make images of Kelis. 
Questioned why she did not do the show, Kelis replied, in English: "Go away, go away." 
Previously, the singer said thatshe did not attend to the show in Rio because she was concerned about their safety. 

The organization of concerts in Sao Paulo, which were made last week, claimed that Kelis would not have achieved a work  visa for Brazil. 
The singer had no problem to embark for the U.S. - the Federal Police said that since there was no judicial determination in this respect, so she could not be prevented from boarding. 
Kelis came to Brazil accompanied by the boyfriend, the rapper Nas (in the above video, he appears wearing a cap).